Janitorial Services You Can Depend On!

The Clean-Fast Advantage:

Traditional dusting tools are replaced with over-sized, flexible, hi-tech tools that make dusting easier and up to 50% faster, going places where traditional dusting tools won’t reach.

Spray cleaning surfaces is replaced with hi-tech pretreated cloths that clean better and quicker than traditional cleaning cloths. Trowels make the cleaning cloths cover twice the area with each swipe.

The hi-polyamide threads in the cleaning cloths make streak free cleaning a breeze. Bathroom counters, bathroom partitions and mirrors are all cleaned better in about half the time as conventional spray cleaning.

An ergonomic tool belt holds cleaning tools like pre-treated cleaning  cloths, polish cloths, scrub pads, putty knives, razor scrapers so that thousands of steps are saved from retrieving spray cleaners and cleaning tools from a maid cart.

Traditional mop buckets, wringers and mops are replaced with hi-tech pre-treated mop pads that clean better, reduce cross contamination and improve productivity by up to 65%.

Traditional vacuuming is replaced with Hi-performance HEPA Back pack vacuums that are up to 400% faster. Coupled with our “on the fly” carpet spot cleaning system, carpet maintenance is quicker and far more thorough than conventional vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Seeing Is Believing!

After seeing the Clean-Fast tools demonstrated, everyone becomes a believer. All doubt is removed. The Clean-Fast system is a quantum improvement over conventional cleaning. The Clean-Fast system makes janitorial cleaning, easier, faster and more thorough.

After a Clean-Fast demonstration, we will ask the audience this question: If a trained and equipped Clean-Fast Team was in a cleaning race with a conventionally equipped janitorial cleaning team, who would win? Who would have done the best job? Which team would you want to be on?

Of course, the answers all support the Clean-Fast System.

Why Is This Important To You?

Better Cleaning For Less Money!

In a survey of companies who use janitorial services, an overwhelming number agreed that what they really wanted was simply better cleaning for less money.

Janitorial pricing is, for the most part, based on how long it takes to clean. The length of time required to clean is dependent on the level of cleaning required.

Up until now, the only way to save money on janitorial cleaning was to tolerate less thorough cleaning or to decrease cleaning frequency. In either case the level of cleaning in the facility is compromised.

But Now There’s a Better Option for Office Cleaning.

The Clean-Fast System. More Thorough Cleaning for Less Money.

The Proof Is In the Demonstration.

Once you experience the Clean-Fast difference, you’ll never settle for conventional janitorial cleaning again.

 Better Tools, Better Cleaning – Clean-Fast